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Jan Martin Borgersen
May 4th, 2019 · 1 min read

Jan is an engineer at Wowza working on ClearCaster and Player.

Previously, he led the UI Engineering team at Zazzle.

A long time ago, during the height of dot-com, he was a user experience consultant with Razorfish. (He likes working for companies that have Z’s in their names.)

His AOL Instant Messenger handle during that time was razorborg.

Jan’s focus in college was multimedia networking, because his vision of the Internet always included interacting with music and video.

His high school mascot is the unicorn, and this is his favorite unicorn t-shirt.

His favorite color is Orange.

Jan likes to live in that little intersection of technology and art.

He also likes to unplug in the woods with his wife, kids, and dogs.

Jan tends to be shy online, but you found him here!

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